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MG Photography & Design- The Senior Experience


Your senior year is an exciting time, it’s a time of sentimental goodbyes and new beginnings, a time to reflect on your accomplishments and ready yourself for the tasks still ahead. For some, senior year means deciding on college plans and collecting acceptance letters; for others, it’s the beginning of adult responsibilities and a new career. Each student is one of a kind, with his or her own story to tell. Your high school senior portraits should capture your individuality, preserving images of your “new” chapter in life. We hope you find the information listed helpful and welcome any questions or ideas you have.


Sessions available in studio and out doors.....schedule combo sessions for savings! Refer your friends and earn credit for FREE prints and products!



The session fee is the amount paid for the time and talent of the photographer. The session fee is due to secure your date. Cash, Personal checks, Master card and Visa are the accepted forms of payment.

Call for Monthly and combo session specials! 1-248-651-5070


Packages: Senior Pictures can run anywhere from $180. for a few select poses & prints to $400 for a complete photo package and up to $700. For larger print quantities. The most popular packages will run around $350-$475. All sessions include a Free mini cap/gown studio session- feel free to call us to set this up at any time when you receive yours~ bring any props as well such as diploma and awards.


Customize your package by adding from a great selection of albums, artsy cards, photo magnets, buttons, float mounts collage art, mini books, photo jewlery items and metal art- items added to print packages have a 10% savings.


Viewing and ordering are done with a 1 hour scheduled studio appointment. All orders are requested to be paid in full at the time the order is placed. Payment is accepted by cash, check, Visa and Master card. Once your initial order has been placed, your favorite images will be hosted online for 30 days to allow for your family and friends to view and place additional orders. Once your orders are completed, a Face book collage of your images will be hosted on our Company Face Book profile located at:

(MG Photography & Design of Rochester) where you can tag your images and further share this great experience. Many packages include “face book” images.



How to Dress:

If you plan to buy a new outfit for the session, don't wait until the last minute. You want time to try it on at home for comfort and accessories. We recommend bringing 3 to 4 outfits. No you don't have to buy this many. Go through what you already have. These are your senior portraits, bring your favorites!

Clothing and prop ideas:

  • Dresses (fancy and casual) - not seductive, but cute and something that makes you feel beautiful.
  • Jeans - make sure that they do not hang to low in the back when you sit and that you are able to bend comfortably.
  • Sweatshirts (with school name) ( no negative signs or slogans)
  • T-shirts –no profanity or negative slogans
  • Letterman Jackets
  • Sports uniforms and props such as basket ball, foot ball, soccer etc.
  • Slacks- for the guys..1 nice pair for a formal look
  • Dress shirts – with or without a tie, check with your parents as well for this look.
  • A Complete suit always looks nice.
  • Favorite hats, sunglasses, make for fun personality portraits.
  • SHOES, SHOES, SHOES, girls love to have cute shoes, so bring them!
  • Do you play music, have a guitar? Bring it!, violin, flute it is all about you!
  • Pets….bring your furry buddy, just make sure you bring along someone to tend to the pet (feeding & clean up) while the rest of your session is completed. Bring a leash and any treats to be rewarded for good behavior.
  • Wearing glasses? You may consider removing the lenses to reduce glare.GIRLS: Bring along your make-up and hair spray for touch ups. ( Do not apply heavy make up- keep it looking fresh and natural, enhance your lashes with mascara or liner and make sure if you do wear foundation that you apply it to your neck as well. If you are into tanning, please make sure you get it done a couple of days prior so you are not red or sun burned.
  • GUYS: Shave and you can bring in hair products as well, if your hands are normally dry and rough looking, you may want to use some lotion. Groom your nails and Chap Stick is great for keeping the smile smooth. If you tend to get shiny, bring in a small cloth to dab your face. If acne is a problem, a facial cleanser should be used a couple of days prior to the session, don’t use it the night before, you don’t want red or blotchy-irritated skin patches. However light complexion touch up is included in our service so don’t get stressed about a new blemish the day of your appointment!
  • Call us today! 1-248-651-5070 Email: